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Experts in our field, we want to change the way people think about apprenticeships. We actively listen to what both employers and learners want, so that we can deliver the best possible courses.

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Training Provider.

First For Apprenticeships is an innovative private training provider who has evolved from a wealth of knowledge and experience in apprenticeship training.

Our aim is to offer exceptional, high quality training, to suit each individual employer and apprentice requirements. We recognise the importance of maintaining and extending a homegrown talent pool and fully support the benefits that an apprenticeship programme can deliver to an employer’s workforce to increase staff retention and career progression within. We work closely with all parties involved to ensure both professional and personal needs are met by regularly reviewing apprentice outcomes to deliver the desired outcome and promote the future benefits of apprenticeships.

We provide apprenticeships and professional training courses in the North East and throughout the UK, specialising in Highway Maintenance and LGV driving. We are committed to helping shape the economic growth of the UK, by creating roles and delivering training reflecting business requirements. Our main offices are based in Newcastle, but we deliver programmes throughout England and Wales.

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The values that power our team.


At First for Apprenticeships we have strong ethics, and hold ourselves to high standards in everything we do. With conviction and drive, the team here is bold; if you care, you can trust us to care too.


Our team has access to expert resources, so that you get the best training possible. We want to provide opportunities, as ease of access to world-class training is our aim.


We are results-driven, and dedicated to helping you to achieve your goals. We’ll give you the help, support, and tools you need to succeed – employers and individuals alike.

Approved Provider

You can find us on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP), which means that we have been vetted through to ensure we can properly deliver our apprenticeship programmes.

Tackling the Skills Gap

First For Apprenticeships courses have been designed to help businesses and individuals reach their full potential; our courses and programmes run throughout the year, to fit around busy work schedules. With 91% of organisations struggling to find workers with the right skills in the past 12 months, the UK skills shortage is now costing an extra £6.33 billion a year in recruitment fees, temporary staff, and training.

Our apprenticeships aim to tackle this issue – your employees will have all the relevant skills, as the apprenticeship material is developed in accordance with industry professionals. You won’t be taking a financial hit as the levy or government funding will cover 90-100% of the cost. Hiring a new start or up-skilling current staff – either avenue gives your business the opportunity to move in the right direction. With a highly proficient team, knowledgeable in all the right areas, you’ll skirt the issue of skill gaps in your work-place.

About First for Apprenticeships tackling the skills gap

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