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Driving Goods Vehicle (DGV)

The Pearson EdExcel Level 2 Certificate for Driving Goods Vehicle is a work-based qualification for those who work or want to work in the DGV sector. With 3 pathways for different vehicle types, completion could lead to employment as a van driver, courier, or large good’s vehicle driver.

The Driving Good Vehicle course will give learners the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills which meet the standards of professionalism that are required for the industry, as defined by the Sector Skills Council. This requires the learner to not only demonstrate their competence in driving but also preparing and loading and unloading.

Other areas will be covered during the course, including customer service, planning routes and timings and dealing with payment transactions.

This is a Framework

This course is an apprenticeship framework, which means it is a course made up of different qualifications. Frameworks generally consist of:

  • a knowledge-based qualification
  • a competence based qualification
  • Functional skills in English and Maths
  • Employee rights
  • Personal Learning

Framework courses are made up of units. There are a core set of units that are mandatory for the course, and a selection of optional units. Each unit is worth credits, and you much reach a target amount of credits to gain the qualification.


12 months minimum

Apprentices must hold a valid UK driving licence, at least Category B (car driving licence) in order to access the apprenticeship.

Upon completion, learners will be awarded their Pearson Level 2 Driving Good Vehicle Diploma.

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