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BTEC Diploma

The Team Leader BTEC course is for those who would like to work in the business and professional management sector. Having this Level 2 Diploma can give you the edge, as it gives you the ability to lead a team, provide instruction, and guide them to meet targets.

The course will develop learners’ competence as a team leader, and over the duration will cover topics such as team leadership styles and team dynamics, communication techniques, and problem-solving.
A team leader can expect to have their existing skills recognised whilst developing personal growth, learning and thinking skills.

This is a Framework

The Team Leader BTEC course is an apprenticeship framework, which means it is a course made up of different qualifications. Frameworks generally consist of:

  • a knowledge-based qualification
  • a competence based qualification
  • Functional skills in English and Maths
  • Employee rights
  • Personal Learning

Framework courses are made up of units. There are a core set of units that are mandatory for the course, and a selection of optional units. Each unit is worth credits, and you much reach a target amount of credits to gain the qualification.


12 months minimum

There are no specific entry requirements for this course.

Total qualification time (TQT) is assigned after consultation with employers and training providers delivering the qualifications. Combined (Competence and Knowledge) qualifications are generally available in the following sizes:

  • Award – a qualification with a TQT value of 120 or less
  • Certificate – a qualification with a TQT value in the range of 121–369
  • Diploma – a qualification with a TQT value of 370 or more

Upon completion, learners will be awarded their Pearson BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Team leading.

Course Breakdown

If you’d like a more detailed breakdown of the skills and knowledge you’ll gain over the course of the apprenticeship, just use the tabs below.

      • Unit 1- Manage Personal Performance and Development. (4 credits).
      • Unit 2- Communicate Work-Related Information. (4 credits).
      • Unit 3- Lead and Manage a Team. (5 credits).
      • Unit 4- Principles of Team Leading. (5 credits).
      • Unit 5- Understand Business. (4 credits).

      Total credits: 22 credits.

    • At the start of the course, the learner will pick optional units to the value of 18 credits from the optional units available.
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