Digital Apprenticeship Service Changes

Digital Apprenticeship Service Changes

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Digital Apprenticeship Service Changes

Digital Apprenticeship Service

It’s a new decade and the Digital Apprenticeship Service – the DAS – is changing. Here’s everything you need to know about those changes and how it can benefit your business.

What is the Digital Apprenticeship Service?

The DAS was set up in 2017 as an online portal for levy-paying companies. That is companies that have a wage bill exceeding £3million. This system allows them to access their funding and allocate their apprenticeships. Which is great for those big levy-paying companies. However, if your company isn’t as large as this then all apprenticeships are handled through the government.

What’s changing?

This is where it all gets interesting. Because by the autumn of 2020, the government wants to have all apprenticeships applied for through the DAS. Therefore non-levy payers get access to all the benefits of the system. This includes being able to choose a range of apprenticeship standards, reserving funding for apprentice training and choosing their own training provider.

The Initial Stages

January through March 2020 sees the initial rollout of the program. Since this is a limited run, there’s funding available for 15,000 new starts. So any non-levy paying company can register during this time and secure funding for up to 3 apprentices per business. If all goes well this will rollout full scale in autumn.

Reserve your funding

Any small business wishing to use this initiative must create an account and reserve funding for a maximum of 3 employees. Reserving isn’t a commitment to using the money, it just guarantees that your company will get its share. With this in mind, make an account at


Any company that’s wage bill is smaller than £3million can get apprenticeship training for only 5% of the course cost through the DAS. Again, it’s a limited-time scheme, so get registering. If you have any questions or want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Questions about the DAS?

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