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Apprenticeships have a long history of being tied to young people learning a trade, and while that may have been accurate years ago, the reality is much different.

Apprenticeships have moved on from that old stereotype; today, anyone aged 16 or over can be an apprentice, even university graduates. On top of that, apprenticeships are now offered in a wide variety of fields, from management training to software development and dental nursing.

Apprentices tend to be in the early stages of their chosen career, whether they’ve come from school, a career break or career change. They bring enthusiasm and a willingness to work hard to the workplace, and in turn, they are taught valuable professional skills. A win-win, taking on an apprentice is a two-way street; with both employer and apprentice having the scope to gain massively from the experience.


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Benefits of an Apprentice

From unique training to ROI, there are a lot of benefits if you choose to hire an apprentice; read below to find our more.

  • Everyone knows the apprentice wage isn’t very high. However, there were still 375,000 new apprentices in 2018. Studies show that apprentices are some of the most enthusiastic workers, with passion for their chosen industry driving them forward, and a view of ‘the big picture’ rather than monetary gain.

  • Whether it’s through the levy or through government funding, apprenticeships are an affordable way to expand your team. With the majority of the apprenticeship cost covered, including training and assessments, you’ll gain valuable staff members while keeping expenses down.

    Government funding for 16-18 year olds
    Government funding for 18+
  • For most companies, hiring and training staff can eat into the budget easily. First For Apprenticeships handles all of that, from formal training and assessments to qualifications, meaning your team can get on in their own roles.

  • Apprentices don’t have to be new hires; they’re an effective way to up-skill current staff. By using sector-specific apprenticeships, your staff can gain accredited qualifications, develop knowledge, and be up to date on current business trends. A recent survey showed that 72% of businesses report improved productivity as a result of apprenticeships.

  • If you’re an employer paying into the apprenticeship levy, then you have 24 months to spend each payment before losing the funds. The money can only be used on apprenticeship training – and the government will give you a top-up, so why not spend it and reap the benefits of an apprentice? Find out more about funding here, or on

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