LGBT Pride Month

LGBT Pride Month

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LGBT Pride Month

It’s June, which means its LGBT pride month! We here are First For Apprenticeships pride ourselves on being an inclusive employer and provider. Howver, a lot of employers need a little guidance when it comes to their LGBT employees or apprentices. Don’t worry,we’ve got you covered with a comphrensive guide to LGBT apprentices, courtesy of Unionlearn. Read on to see how to help your LGBT staff thrive.

LGBT in the Workplace

LGBT+ visibility has increased greatly in the past few years. Employers are very much aware that a chunk of their workforce flies the rainbow flag, and that these people must have fair representation. However, a recent Stonwall survey found that 26% of LGBT+ workers aren’t comfortable talking about their sexuality in their place of work. Employers need to be sure they are implementing best practices to ensure there is no risk of bullying, homophobic remarks or discrimination in the work place.

LGBT Apprentice Guide

Published earlier this year by Unionlearn, the LGBT+ inclusive apprenticeships guide is the first of it’s kind. It was specifically written to help union reps and employers ensure that they have robust policies in place to protect their LGBT+ apprentices. A comphrehensive guide that covers everything from what the L, G B and T stand for, to their legal rights at work.

Take Time to Celebrate

Pride month is all about festivity. We are who we are, we love who we love; an empowering message that should be celebrated. Why not organise an event for your place of work. From an office pride party, to a couple of rainbow cupcakes  Рwe can guarantee any gesture will not go unnoticed. In a world where LGBT+ people are often discrimintated against, any symbol of solidarity will earn any employer loyalty. A small rainbow flag or sticker to denote an inclusive workplace is a small step, but a great start!

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