Make the most of your Apprentice

Make the most of your Apprentice

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Make the most of your Apprentice

Hiring an apprentice is a great way to bolster your workforce, and you should view it as a long term investment in skill. By supporting someone who’s just starting in their career, you can ensure there business needs are met, whilst also developing a loyal employee. Fresh-faces apprentices bring motivation to the team, so nurturing your new start will have a lasting impact.


When you hire an apprentice, they should have a designated mentor within the company. This person will offer a level of support; help with any questions and provide feedback on tasks. This will help your apprentice to settle into the role quicker. Progress made should be discussed in regular reviews and 1-2-1’s, so that the apprentice can identify their strengths, as well as what they need to improve on. A structured process like this offers

Progression Routes

A lot of people start an apprenticeship because they want to build a career. If you can show that hard work at your company can lead to a promotion, then your workforce has a goal to aim for. Any ambition staff should be supported through their personal development with this in mind,

Positive Working Environment

You don’t have to have the most modern offices, but a clean and bright workspace will make all the difference. If it’s a job that requires a lot of time on a site, make sure there is an order to where everything is. Disorganised and messy will breed the same traits in employees.


Everyone likes hearing when they’ve done a good job. Congratulations goes a long way, and if you notice someone has gone above and beyond be sure to recognise them for it. In the review, session feedback should be encouraging – highlighting what they have done will and giving constructive criticism that they can work on going forward.


People will want to work towards targets much more if they perceive a reward. A performance-related bonus has long been a workplace staple, but for smaller tasks, it could be a suitable reward. Creating a little healthy competition between teams or their members can increase productivity, and the win itself will be prize enough.

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