Top Resources for Junior Content Producers

Top Resources for Junior Content Producers

Top Resources for Junior Content Producers 410 550 Max Mackenzie

The junior content producer apprenticeship requires many disciplines. This is because the standard is a combination of skills. This includes web design, digital marketing, video production and graphic design. That’s a vast range of skills to grasp, so we’ve compiled our favourite resources for the junior content producer apprenticeship chosen by our own team.

1. Adobe Creative Cloud

We feel adobe creative cloud is essential within the apprenticeship. It covers a range of purposes, from word processing to graphic design. You get every program including Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Aftereffects, and Animate plus more ! The versatility of the package is what makes it fantastic and with it being an industry standard selection of software you’re gaining valuable experience to further your career.

2. WordPress

WordPress is essential for any web design work, including any blogs or web content you’re going to make. It’s an industry standard, and with a variety of themes and plug-ins the possibilities, are endless. It makes optimising your work and growing an online audience easy. As well as web content you could publish your own website!

3. Grammarly

Grammerly is a Chrome extension that will check your spelling and grammer when you type anything online. With extra features such as tone detection and clarity checker, you can perfectly express yourself.

4. Team-viewer

Team-viewer is a program which allows you to screen share with other people. This makes it extremely easy to collaborate in real time with colleagues or clients. It also has take-over mode allowing the person you’re sharing with can take over your computer to help you.

5. Spotify

We think Spotify is essential for work so that you can knuckle down to work whilst listening to your favourite songs. Studies have proven that listening to music reduces stress and anxiety, so you’ll cruise through your work tasks worry-free.

(Most of these services are either free or have student options. If you’d like to know more about a NUS apprenticeship discount card click here )

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