The Government’s 2020 Apprenticeships Vision

The Government’s 2020 Apprenticeships Vision

The Government’s 2020 Apprenticeships Vision 2000 1333 Max Mackenzie

The Government’s 2020 Apprenticeships Vision

Over the past few years, the government has put a real focus on the importance of apprenticeships. These apprenticeships are great opportunities for people looking to better their skills and can lead on to wonderful things in their career. To emphasise this, the Government have released their visions for 2020 apprenticeships, have a look.


  • All apprenticeships will provide training in a professional or technical route, including transferable skills and competency in English and maths for all ages.
  • Apprenticeships will be an attractive offer that young people and adults aspire to go into. Namely, they’re a high-quality and prestigious path to a successful career.
  • Apprenticeships will be available across all sectors of the economy and at all levels, including degree level.
  • Every apprenticeship will be a high-quality opportunity that delivers the skills, knowledge and behaviours that employers are looking for.


  • Apprenticeships will be widely recognised and respected as a highly effective means for all businesses to build their skilled future staff in all parts of the country.
  • The new Digital Apprenticeship Service will be simple for employers. Particularly for those with smaller businesses to navigate and use.
  • Employers will feel full ownership of apprenticeships, designing and owning the content of all apprenticeship standards and assessments.
  • Employers will be the main advocates of apprenticeships among their partners, peers and supply chain.

Supporting routes to apprenticeships and work

  • All young people at school will be able to hear from and be inspired by employers and apprentices.
  • There will be clear progression routes through technical and professional education and into skilled employment, including apprenticeships.
  • Traineeships will support more young people in apprenticeships and sustainable employment.
  • Young people from all backgrounds will get the preparation they need to be high quality candidates for apprenticeships.

The long-term apprenticeships system

  • The design and delivery of high-quality apprenticeships will be overseen by an independent and respected quality body – the Institute for Apprenticeships.
  • All new apprentices will be trained to meet levels of professional competence set out in employer-designed standards.
  • Employers will be confident customers of apprenticeship training programmes, which will be developed by agile training providers to meet the evolving needs of the business.
  • Employers will have the opportunity to choose between higher quality providers, and it will be easier for employers to train their apprentices directly.

Funding for Apprenticeships

  • Employers will choose and pay for the apprenticeship training they want through a Digital Apprenticeship Service.
  • The funding system will support the commitment to increase the quality and quantity of apprenticeships.
  • Funding for apprenticeships will be placed on a sustainable footing through a levy on employers.

If all of the government’s visions for 2020 apprenticeships come to fruition the apprenticeship service is sure to be at the top of its game and worth looking into if you’re interested.

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